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Who are we?

General or specialized osteopathy
by appointment or in an emergency

For adults, children and babies.

The excellence of the Camirand Muzzi Clinic has made it a leader in its field. Clients from all over Quebec come here to receive general and specialized osteopathic care, by appointment or on an emergency basis.

To meet the growing demand since 1993, the Camirand Muzzi Clinic now boasts 13 osteopaths specializing in different fields, most of whom are involved in research or teaching osteopathy, and all of whom are members of Osteopathie Québec.

The co-founders, Nathalie Camirand and Dino Muzzi, both graduates in physiotherapy and osteopathy, are professionals recognized for the experience and expertise they have developed with their clients since 1985. In addition to their clinical reputations, they are also professors of osteopathy in Montreal and Europe, at the most renowned osteopathic colleges.

Nathalie Camirand is the author of several books on osteopathy, in which she shares her expertise in several fields (women’s health, nervous, and endocrine disorders).

Other services offered

Physiotherapy (perineal, laser, ultrasound, scar treatment and personalized exercise programs)

Acupuncture (chronic pain, perineal pain, stress management)

Hypnotherapy (chronic pain, addictions, stress management)

Member of the Qualita network

Camirand Muzzi Clinic is a part of Qualita, the network of accredited osteopathic clinics.



Nathalie Camirand is also the author of three books in French and two in German

  •  Dysfonctions glandulaires et nerveuses – 2009
  •  Axe cerveau-intestin-pelvis et ostéopathie – Approche intégrative du stress, de l’anxiété et de la dépression – 2019
  •  Cerveau abdominal et ostéopathie – Approche intégrative des problèmes digestifs, inflammatoires, immunitaires et de l’humeur – 2022
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