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What happens during a consultation?

Case history

A complete history of the patient, taking into account:

  • the symptoms described by the client
  • links between different systems
  • the consequences of various events (birth, trauma, surgery, illness, etc.)
  • the client’s various health problems and history

Osteopathic assessment

Osteopathic assessment of tissue mobility and physiological rhythms including: observation, inspection, palpation by:

  • postural tests
  • muscular, articular vertebral, visceral, and craniosacral palpatory and dynamic tests

Data synthesis

Synthesize the data to determine priorities, the cause(s) of the problem and draw up an intervention plan.

Intervention plan

The intervention plan is established according to the specific osteopathic methodology, depending on the state of health, age, and vitality of each patient.

Osteopathic intervention

Gentle, specific manoeuvres are performed to restore mobility and motility to body tissues at the myofascial, spinal, and visceral levels.


Functional reassessment of the organism locally, regionally, and globally during the intervention.

Explanation and advice

Explanations are provided to the patient of what has been done, and for what purpose.

Lifestyle advice and appropriate exercises can be given to optimize the results of the consultation.

The osteopath keeps a file for each patient. They communicate as needed with other health professionals. They are also bound by professional secrecy.

Professional receipts are issued for insurance and tax purposes. Treatment fees start at $110 per session. Treatments last approximately 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the case.